The Easiest way to send us Bank Statements

When submitting your application to your lender, we will ask you to provide copies of you most up to date bank statements.
In order to prevent fraud, lenders have very strict procedures for these statements.  
To make this easier for you we have partnered with  a company called 

Just click on this page to get started.


1. Enter your name & tick the user terms and conditions below 

2. Select your Bank

3. Login to your bank's online banking

4. Your bank statements will be sent directly to us at Premium Broker

If you need more information - please read the details below - or go to the FAQs section of the website.
If the site below is not working - please 
click on this link

If you don’t want to use this service you can download and email us the statements.  


When submitting your application to your lender. We will ask you to provide copies of you most upto date bank statements. In order to prevent fraud, lenders have very strict procedures for these statements and they may include:


  • No older than 30 days

  • Must include the applicants name, address, & account number

  • May include transaction accounts – if they match up with older statement.
    ie both a Full Bank Statement ending 2 months ago – matched with a transaction listing for the last 2 months

Depending on how many accounts getting all these statements could take quite a long time.
We then find that 1 in 3 clients send us the wrong the information and we have to ask for this information again.

OUR SOLUTION: We have a much easier and simpler solution as we have partnered with They have developed software for this specific purpose so all you need to do is:

  1. Click on our link

  2. Select your Bank

  3. Login and press submit


The software sends us all the statements we need.  If you need to know more about this service please check out there FAQs website at

Keeping Your Information Safe Is Our Biggest Priority

Premium Broker Pty Limited & are doing everything we can to ensure that only the best level of security is ensured for your important information.


Security At Every Step

Not only have we taken all the required security steps (such as providing 256-bit bank level encryption of data, creating a 'read only' service, and closing the connection to the bank as soon as the data has been loaded), we have also had our service independently tested by an industry leading security service.


Australian Owned & Operated

In addition to all of this, our service is completely owned and operated in Australia, meaning the data never has to leave the country! This feature not only makes our service far more secure but also gives us a unique edge over many similar services that cannot promise the same policy. Being one of the very few services that runs entirely in Australia, we are also able to pride ourselves on a truly flexible and adaptable service.

Premium Brokers are Accredited Members of Vow Financial Pty Ltd and
the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.   Premium Broker Pty Limited ABN 40 105 746 692

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