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PREMIUM BROKER - Senior Consultant

Do you need a quick assessment to see if you can qualify for a loan?


Rob is a recently retired Mortgage Broker but still an important member of the Premium Broker family, providing a quick and invaluable service for clients looking to see if they qualify for a loan.


With over 20  years industry experience, no lender bias, and some limited time on his hands, Rob can help clients prepare for a mortgage application, calculate your borrowing capacity, purchasing power and funding requirements.  Rob can help with taking those first few steps towards getting a new home or new loan.


He will quickly and professionally qualify your ability to get a loan approved or not.

If  you then want to take the next step, Rob and the rest of the Premium Broker team can then approach a wide range of lenders and get the loan approved.

Every client’s journey is different, but all clients will be treated fairly & given good honest advice & service.

Rob Porter

P: 0419 282 191


Small upfront fee for service to for a review of your financial circumstances.

$250.00 inclusive of GST.
Financial Development Services Pty Ltd ABN 28 002 639 670.

Rob Porter is a consultant of Premium Broker Pty Limited

Australian Credit Licence 392625



Background & Experience:

Robert Porter has been a director of his own company for over 30 years & has had commercial experience in retail, wholesale, import & export. His background has given him a strong empathy for self employed borrowers & their business & banking challenges.


Robert has also raised a family of four sons & has not forgotten the excitement of buying his first home & extending it when his family outgrew it. The hurdles he faced at his own bank, obtaining a first and then a second mortgage, shaped his attitude to helping his own clients when he joined the finance industry.


Robert was a foundation member of The Mortgage Professionals since 1999 & more recently, became an associate of the Premium Broker Network.

Robert is also a life member of the Newport Junior Rugby Club.

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