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Our team at Premium Broker will complete an annual  review of your home loan to see if we can reduce your interest rate.
We will do this annually however if you want us to complete a loan review - please email us

1. Contact your Lender
Premium Broker will contact you lender to get updated balance and the current rates
We may require a signed document from you to conduct this review.
In most cases this is not required.

2. Request better pricing
Premium Broker will review your rate and ask your lender to match competitor offers
We are not always successful, especially if you are already on a good rate or have a low balance.

3. Advise Client
Premium Broker will send you a confirmation of the new rate and potential saving*.
We may also offer a free Property Report and look at opportunities to refinance if this results in saving you money.
*Please note the potential saving is a basic calculation and will not take into consideration redraw, offset and other factors that may relate to your specific loan

4. Check you rate

We ask clients to quickly check their new rate has been applied.

It is normal to have a lot of questions - so please just let us know.
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