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Annual Loan Review Process

Premium Broker wants you to have the best rate available. 

The banks have better rates - they just won't tell you. 

If you have had a loan with your lender for over 2 years it is unlikely you still have a competitive rate. This is because many Lenders come out with better rates, not pass on the full RBA cuts or lift their interest rates out of cycle, claiming increased cost of funding.  This means many banks will offer you a better rate if you just ask them.

Complacent clients are greatly disadvantaged. The reality is that unless we are proactive, lenders will never tell you that we can get you a better rate.

Annual Loan Review
Premium Broker has fine-tuned our Loan Review Process so that we can now complete this for you. During this annual review we will:

  1. Contact your lender and negotiate a better rate

  2. Give you a report of how your current loan compares with other options.

We are systematically going through all our clients and this is taking a lot of time.  

Jump the Queue - Get your Loan Review today
If you want us to review your loan today - just complete the attached form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Loan Review - Jump the queue
 Please complete this form if you would like Premium Broker to review your loans

Thanks for submitting!

Since January 2019 we have saved our clients

Everytime we complete a loan review we provide our clients with a detailed report of how much they save annually and over the remaining life of the loan.

The above figure is the total amount we have saved of clients' loan over the remaining life of their loans. 

Whilst we have been doing this for years. We only began adding up the savings since January 2019.


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