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C.05 Compliance - Fact Find

Fact Find - Client Need's Analysis

For the purposes of our Premium Broker's compliance, the VowNet CRM is considered an acceptable and preferred verification that a Fact Find has been completed. It does not need to be signed by the client.

The paper version of the Premium Fact Find has been designed to complement Premium Broker’s compliance obligations and VowNet.

Creating a Fact Find Document In VowNet a broker can create two types of Fact Find Documents. The documents are designed to complement the VowNet system and are therefore designed in the same order. The two fact finds are as follows:

  • Fact Find Completed This document is a tool to document the entered data within VowNet . It is best used once all the information is included in VowNet. We recommended creating this document once you have submitted the loan as a record of what was entered.

  • Fact Find Interview This document is a tool to use during an interview. It includes entered data and blank spaces that can be filled in via pen during the interview process. We recommend printing out this document to take to an interview. Data that is incorrect or needs updating can be edited by pen. The blank spaces make it possible to update date. Once the interview is completed the data can be updated into Vow Net.

GREEN TICK - you will need to create or download a Fact Find into VowNet in order to obtain a Green Tick.

BrokerPad and other Fact Finds Brokerpad and other digital factfinds are acceptable. However they need to be:

1. Uploaded into the CRM

2. Labelled as [Fact Find]

Online Fact Find - VowNet

IMPORTANT: Giving the client access to the Client Portal will allow them to completed the Online portal, send you messages and provide them with updates on the progress of your loan.

Invite your client to the Client Portal

1. Let the client know that they will: a) Get an email Link (from you or the broker owner) b) Get a TXT message with a PIN code c) Suggest they use Chrome and NOT Microsoft Explorer

2. The minimum data you need to send the link: a) clients email b) client mobile number

HINT: the Mobile number must be free of spaces ie 0411222333 DO NOT: use mobile formats such as 0411-222-333 or 0411 2223 33 or 61411 222 333

3. You can put as much information as you want in VowNet first The client will see what you have entered. This may save them some time and they can agree with it or amend it.

4. In DEAL VIEW click on the CLIENT PORTAL icon Then chose the client you want to send it to

5. Notifications via Email

VowNet will then send you an email stating

- The client has opened the Client Portal

- The client has completed the Online Fact Find


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