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C.08 Compliance - BankStatements


Premium Broker has subscribed to illion Software's The software provides a number of benefits to assist:

  • Collection of Bank Statements

  • Both Actual and Transaction Statements

  • Automatic Living Expenses Calculation (to be used as a guide only)

Bank Statements Setup

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to 3rd Party Integrations

  3. Click on the Illion Bank Statements button

  4. Enter the Code (Ask Robert Ward for this)

  5. Logoff and Login

Recommended Process

  1. ​Tell your client you will send them a link to enable them to send you bank statement

  2. Sync with Dropbox (Easier than downloading documents from Vownet)

  3. Go to clients Deal View and click on the BankStatement Icon

  4. Client will get an email request to provide documents

  5. Once client complete, VowNet will be updated with statements and Expense Comment.

Email Bank Statements Link

Email received by your client


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