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C.10 Compliance - Exit Plan

Fact Find - Exit Plan

Most Lenders required a clear exit plan especially for applicants over 50 years old. As a responsible lenders Premium Brokers must discuss an exit plan with their clients and make notes.

SOCA - The Other Comments section of Vownet is a MailMerge Field in our SOCA

HINT - After discussing the exit plan with a client note the proposed retirement age of the clients and in You must select Other to add comments about the clients exit plan.


Donald is currently 78 years, 1 months old and plans to retire in 27 years.

Melania is currently 51 years, 5 months old and plans to retire in 24 years.

It is the client's intention to repay the loan by paying down the loan prior to retirement

They also intend to pay off the loan by selling their business


$180,192 = Estimated Maximum Loan on Retirement (assumes minimum repayments only).

$200,000 = Superannuation Balance - Current


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