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C.29 Compliance - 7 Green Ticks

7 Green Ticks

VowNet will not allow you to progress a deal to ApplyOnline or Simplogy until you have completed all seven Compliance Documents and obtain 7 Green Ticks

There are 7 documents required

  1. Credit Guide (combined with the Privacy Disclosure)

  2. Privacy Disclosure (combined with the Credit Guide) - to be signed

  3. FactFind

  4. Preliminary Assessment

  5. Credit Quote (combined with the Credit Proposal) - to be signed

  6. Credit Proposal (combined with the Credit Quote) - to be signed

  7. Sales Document (Loan Recommendation or Loan Scenario)

Creating a compliance document

Please refer to the C.28 Compliance - Creating Documents or click here

Using Labels to obtain the green ticks

Once you have created the document, you can add a label to the document by clicking on the label icon next to the document.

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