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C.28 Compliance - Broker's Notes

Broker's Notes

Broker's Notes are a Premium Broker template that has been designed to help brokers get the loan approved. It is NOT a compliance requirement to send this document to the lender however it is considered best practice.

Each broker has their own way of presenting their notes. They are therefore free to edit, change, delete or amend the broker's notes documents as much as they want?

The Benefits of this template are:

  • Prompt you - to make relevant comments

  • Pre-loaded with data from VowNet - making it quicker to complete

  • Prominent Design – and easily seen by credit managers

  • Professional – Looks better than a one page document

  • Uniform – As more brokers use it, credit will start looking for it

  • Review – It is easier to review what you have sent credit

  • Editable – You are free to change/edit/delete any sections you want


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